About Us

Laura is from everywhere and nowhere. She grew up an American/Canadian third culture kid and eventually wandered back to Canada to find her roots. Though that never really happened, it did allow her to meet Dustin, the love of her life. Dustin was raised in the small town of Landmark, Manitoba, smack dab in the middle of Canada. His childhood was spent enduring 6 month long winters, on computers, and plotting ways to leave Landmark. Their serendipitous meeting eventually led to a wedding in 2005 and their three children Theodore, William, and Rosemary. Dustin, a former outspoken anti-American, has his degree in American History (who ever said love can't change someone?), while Laura has a degree in Ecology and a mild obsession with fungi, parasites, and most things people wish didn't exist. Some of their hobbies include traveling, photography, trivia, mushroom hunting, hiking, paddling, natural history, and cooking. 

After 8 years they realized it was finally time to leave Manitoba. In July 2011, they began their adventures in Fukuyama-shi, Japan. Dustin is working for the JET Programme as an ALT and Laura is working part time as an English teacher and at home the rest of the time with their three children discovering the art of managing a household in Japan. This blog allows them to share their experiences with family, friends new and old, and those curious about what it is like living in Japan with a family.

The Reimers 
William and Theodore
and little Rosemary