Happy Easter

Theo has finally gotten to an age where he understands and enjoys us hyping up holidays. Dustin and I have always taken the stance that it is harmless and fun to allow our kids to believe in things like the tooth fairy (though he hasn't had an opportunity to be introduced to her yet), the Easter bunny, and all of their friends. I am pretty sure that they won't feel betrayed by us when they find out all of their mythical holiday comrades don't actually exist. Since Dustin was never brought up to believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the like and I was, I think we can see both sides of the spectrum. We both turned out more or less balanced, I suppose, but I like the idea of allowing children to think that the world they live in is much more magical and fantastic than it really is. They will learn the truth soon enough.

So this week we have been explaining to Theo how in the wee hours of the morning on Easter a bunny hops around the world leaving baskets of goodies for little boys and girls. He burst into our room this morning with a look of gleeful wonder on his face toting his basket with some tasty treats inside. He spent the rest of the morning telling everyone: "Guess what? A rabbit came into my room last night and what did he leave me? Yeah, that's right! A basket!". I really think one of the best things about being a parent is seeing how absolutely happy a few harmless fabrications, $5 worth of candy, some plastic grass, and a bit of hyping can make your child.


Carol said...

Happy fantasies are wonderful! I think it teaches children (and old children) to think fabulous things could happen at any time. Love you all!

Unknown said...

awww,how I wish Elaine and I was there to join in the fun!!
Hope to see you guys soon,though both of us are really busy with everything this few weeks.

Blue Shoe said...

Haha...cute! Sometimes it can be really easy to make kids happy - that's one great thing about them.