The Long Awaited News

Yesterday we received the email that we have been anticipating for months. Dustin will be working as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) for the Japanese Exchange Teaching Programme starting in July. We began the whole application process for this job in October, so almost seven months later it is a relief to find out all of our planning and energy has not been wasted.

For those of you who haven't been subjected to us talking about Japan for months and months, I will be going over some of the details of the job and our move in the next few posts. We are hoping that this blog will be a little glimpse into what it took to get into the JET Programme, our last few hectic months in Manitoba, and what life is like for our little family once we arrive in Japan.


Blue Shoe said...

Congratulations! I'm about to leave this summer, but my 3 years as a JET ALT have been a momentous experience. Here's hoping you guys have a great time, too!

By the way, thanks for the link. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, as well, so hope you stick with it. =)

Laura said...

Thanks for checking out our fledgling blog! We are really enjoying reading Just Another Day in Japan; one more thing getting us stoked about moving. We have great ambitions for this blog, but I suppose most people do when they start one. I really hope we stick with it too!