They didn't have to remind Theo not to smile or show his
teeth (all 3 of them)
We have been given not quite three weeks from the moment that we found out we were accepted (April 18th) to the day that the reply form and health check are supposed to be received (May 6th). I think for some people this would be absolutely impossible, but for us the time constraint has been no problem at all. Dustin got an appointment with his doctor, including the chest x-ray and labs, as well as his criminal record check within a week and a half of our acceptance. I guess there has to be some benefit to living in a small town! We have heard that the criminal record check can take months if it is done in a larger city, especially if your name is flagged and you need fingerprinting. It seems like we have had a pretty stress free time completing the initial paperwork. The next step is to get another passport for Theo, since his expires in October, and one for William. I am pretty sad that we will have to give up Theo's passport since his picture was taken when he was about nine months old and is really cute in a deer in headlights sort of way. It seems pretty ridiculous that we need to take a picture of William since most 5 x 7 cm photos of a one month old baby will look indistinguishably similar, but oh well.


The Freys said...

Why does Dustin need chest x-rays? The Japanese Government doesn't trust skin tests for TB?

Laura said...

That's exactly what I thought! I was under the impression that a mantoux was pretty accurate, but obviously not enough for the Japanese government. They are a bit more hardcore about TB in general over there. They still give babies the BCG TB vaccine (the one that leaves the nasty scar that our parents and friends from other countries have). I think I am going to opt out of giving that one to the boys while we're there...