Friendly Manitoba

I love Manitoba, I do. Sometimes it just feels as though I am convincing myself of this. Most of the time, my attitude towards living here is well described by the Weakerthans' song "One Great City".

The other day, I was listening to Winnipeg artist and general good-guy Del Barber's song "Home to Manitoba". I found myself actually waxing nostalgic while listening and was shocked to think that I might possibly miss this place when we are gone. I have never been homesick in all of the dozens of times we have moved, since I have never felt that I actually had a definite place that I could call home. I have lived in Manitoba longer than any other place, got married and had my children here, so maybe, just maybe, this time I will feel a twinge?

Manitoba, at least it's not Saskatchewan
Only about an hour after thinking all of these loyal thoughts about Manitoba, I stepped outside to bring the kids to the park. I was struck by a biting, cold, unpleasant wind that cut through my clothes, whipped my hair into my eyes, and blew a cloud of dirt in the kids' faces. The only place I know of that might just have colder and more intense winds than Manitoba is on Jupiter, but I am sure that we come in a close second. Every loving thought from earlier was blown away with this wind.

Oh, to live in a land that has mountains and trees!


Anonymous said...

I feel you.
My dad was born and raised in Portage La Prairie, so I think that other than my hometowns of Montreal and Toronto, Manitoba must be the place I've spent quite a bit of time growing up in.

Incidentally, I love the Weakerthans. Nice to hear their name after so long.


Laura said...

My sister teaches in Portage La Prairie and absolutely loves the town. I feel like I have a small connection to it as well, since I did a lot of field work just north of Portage in Delta Marsh. We drove into Portage often on beer runs. It seems like a really friendly and quiet town; probably a nice place to live.

The Weakerthans do great shows here in Winnipeg. Maybe that is something I'll miss about this place :)

Anonymous said...

We used to head up to Delta too, visiting friends of the family and walking forever into the lake, only to get up to just our knees.

I miss Weakerthan shows. It's been a while.