In Sickness and In Health

A few of the unwelcome denizens of my body
Our last week and a bit has been crazily fast paced and busy trying to get everything sorted for leaving, the house packed, and all the little details of life squared away. In the midst of this frenzy, Dustin contracted an over the top cough and Theo woke up at three in the morning coughing, running a fever, and insisting on being held for the remainder of the night.  This weekend, as we were packing up the last of our things and moving them to my inlaws' place, I lost my voice and within an hour or two I was in the grip of a full on cough/cold. The only one of us who has been seemingly unaffected is William, which is the only bright side in the narrow world of self-focused bodily pain into which we have all been thrust.

Dustin has only two weeks remaining until he leaves Manitoba and with all of the things that still need to be done, I can't help but think our bodies have betrayed us in our final hour of need. Hopefully we can all manage to recuperate without any of the special attention and extra sleep that we don't have time for!

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