More Glimpses of Banff

I pulled a few great shots off of my father in law's camera which is incomparably better than our little point and shoot.

Here is Dustin, the kids, and me, Karlee and her boyfriend Cody (center), and Dustin's brother Tim with his wife Rina posing in front of the upper falls at Marble Canyon.

It was a fairly short hike with trails that go alongside sheer drops into a deep gorge carved by the river. Seven bridges crisscrossed the gorge on the way to the falls at the top.

The hills were alive with the sound of Theo's yodelling.

We saw a few other mammals other than ourselves while wandering. Like this grizzly bear.

These people were completely oblivious to the fact the grizzly was only a few meters below them. Fortunately, it was not in a mood to fight and disappeared into the woods as fast as it could. 

We also saw some cute golden mantled ground squirrels (no, they are not chipmunks!)

and a velvety antlered deer

Theo was thoroughly impressed by the orange soil at the Paint Pots trail, which was another short hike through iron rich soil with smooth round mineral pools. I am very surprised that he didn't come back orange from head to toe. 

Lastly, we took a few pictures at the small town of Indian Head, Saskatchewan on our trip back. 

and in a cool old wooden wagon

Too bad the trip was so short!

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