Tickle Trunk

On Saturday, we all went to the downtown library to see a kimono display. The best part was that they had kimono you could try on. You were allowed to pick a kimono that struck your fancy and they matched up the obi (tie around the middle) and other accessories to match the kimono you chose. They then helped dress you. I was surprised at the amount of padding, synching, tying, and time that it took just to get dressed.

Beautiful Karlee in her winter themed kimono

The whole effect: periwinkle bamboo branches with black, red, and gold obi, and red bunny collar

I picked a sage green kimono with some sort of brightly colored blossoms on it

I had an off white red and yellow obi that was tied fabulously

Dustin's kimono was awesome. He only needed a katana to complete the outfit, or maybe a lightsaber.

Brother and sister

Too bad they didn't have little kid and baby clothes to try on. 

The lot of us

This was Dustin and my first time to try on kimono and Karlee's second time. We were even asked to have our pictures taken for the newspaper!


Anonymous said...

very cool!
i guess you can manage quite easily with only speaking English? (or are you fluent in Japanese that i'm not aware of?)

Laura said...

Our Japanese is pretty limited, years and years from being fluent, but we seem to get around well enough. The JET Programme provides a lot of support in that department, and there are always people who are willing to befriend you and translate in exchange for English language practice.