Mister Donut

Since the weather has become cooler, we whipped out a few pairs of pants that we had stashed away. In only one month, Theo has managed to grow a good 2 inches since all his pants, which were a bit long back in Canada, are now extremely short on him. Unfortunately, he hasn't gained an ounce since leaving resulting in a much more gangly child. It takes a lot of effort to get him to eat very much in one sitting, so  I have been slipping more calorie dense foods into his diet. Back home I would give him high calorie meal replacement drinks between meals, but until I locate these in Japan, I am sticking to triple buttering his toast and letting him enjoy the wonders of Mister Donut. 

Mister Donut is a coffee and donut chain in Japan that makes surprisingly good donuts. Theo's current favorite is the strawberry bear donut. It has chocolate eyes, strawberry glaze, and whipped cream inside. I took a bite of his last one and it was ridiculously good. 

Theo showing off his bear head

I asked him to look at his donut lovingly, but the result was this extremely creepy expression

The bear was slowly devoured from all angles


The Freys said...

It sounds like they pull off sweets better than the Chinese. I still wince when I remember my anticipation of biting into a "cinnamon" roll and instead pulling out savory pieces of meat and fat from the centre.

Theo sure looks like he is growing!

- Jess

Laura said...

I think they fed us one of those "cinnamon buns" on the flight from Beijing to Dailian. It was a hot spicy/sweet smelling bun that had swirls of cinnamon in it. The bun itself had the texture of a yeast bread that they allow to rise. In the center of this cinnamony denseness, we discovered thin slices of sweet, fatty pork. Karlee and I liked it actually.

There are some really spectacular sweets and baked goods here. They actually have some of the most delicious pies and cakes I have ever seen for sale. I really need to put up some pictures of them. Oh, and flan, custard, and creme brulee can be found all over the place and for cheap.