Karlee and I promised ourselves that we would take photos in a purikura booth before she headed back to Canada. These photo booths can be found in malls and shopping centers all over Japan and can do more than just take your picture. They usually make your eyes look bigger, your skin and hair lighter, and make your complexion look fantastic. There are different levels of enhancement, with some making you look like an anime character and some that are not far from normal. You can also embellish your photos with little stars, sparkles, and cute phrases.

We decided to go for the booth with the most outrageous photos pictured on them. In the mall that we went to, there was even a nook where you could do your make up and hair. No, I did not bring the hair curler with me. They had curlers and straighteners for people to use. It costs 450 yen (about 6$ Canadian) for one photo session which takes about 6 photos and prints you off a few sheets of photo stickers. If I had access to purikura when I was 14, I would have whittled all my allowance away.

Here is a selection of the fantastic shots that we took:


Ring of Fire said...

Purikura looks fun and scary at the same time.

Laura said...

I am surprised we actually managed to figure it all out. There were all sorts of options before you actually had your picture taken and there was a timer that only allowed you 5 seconds to make each decision. We basically blindly pushed buttons until It started flashing our pictures. It was fun though!