Sweet Sorrow

We said a sad farewell to Karlee yesterday. She has been with us for a month and a half and it has been completely wonderful. The kids absolutely love their auntie and will certainly have a lot less attention showered on them now that she is gone. I will also have to fold my own laundry and wash dishes a lot more often.

Thanks to Karlee, we have seen and done more than I thought was possible in the short amount of time I have been in Japan. She helped me adjust to life here and stave off all of those moments of loneliness and culture shock that I surely would have felt. Her energy and enthusiasm supported me in discovering the nooks and crannies of our city and trying out all the new things we found. There aren't many people that I would be happy to be around day and night for seven weeks, but I didn't feel like sending her back once.

Karlee, we have all been very spoiled by your presence!

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