Castle Shiodoru

Cutting and taping the cardboard
Dustin has had it in his mind to build Theo a castle for a few weeks. Theo has an awesome dragon toy and a few knights, so we thought he would enjoy having a place for them to have daring adventures and heroic dragon battles.

After purchasing a new chair and futon pad for our apartment last week, we found ourselves with a small pile of unneeded cardboard and so decided to finally make a castle. If it was me making it, I would have cut battlements on the top of the cardboard, a hole for the door, and called it a day. Lucky for Theo, Dustin is much more hardcore when it comes to creating toys. Theo had expressed his desire for a Japanese style castle, so they set to work.

After a few hours of cutting, taping, paining, and drawing rocks the castle was complete. Between William and Theo, it will probably only take a few weeks before it is a flattened, torn mass of scrap cardboard. I am sure that many samurai battles will be staged there before its inevitable destruction.


Unknown said...

That is one fantastic castle! I'm not going to show my children or they will accuse me of giving them a deprived childhood. The best castles they ever got were sheets hung up on chairs to make a "tent"....

Unknown said...

Thanks Jo, but sheet forts are great too! Maybe if we ever make it down to Oita and get a chance to stay at your B & B I can make one with your kids :)