A pox on us all

So, in the last week we have all managed to get some form of sinus cold or infection and while we are mostly on the mend it has seriously affected our blogging schedule... for that I apologize. So while this post may not be as riveting as it could be, I assure you that there are in fact several posts in the works that will be significantly better this one. That being said, here is what I offer you today:

Several weeks ago on on one of my runs, I stopped by the largest Shinto shrine in Fukuyama


to test out our new camera in some slightly more difficult lighting situations, namely the dark. The result was some rather interesting photos, that without sounding too self congratulatory, actually turned quite well.

Torii Gate lead up to the shrine itself.
One of the out buildings.
Same out building with a little extra lighting

This is probably my favorite photo. 60 sec. exposure with
the moon in the background.
Finally the entrance to the complex itself with some selective coloring.

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Carol said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the mixed coloring. BTW, check out my blog for new stuff.