A View from the Station

Theo absolutely adores babies. When he is not playing with William, whom he refers to lovingly as "Chubby Bubby", he is pretending that his teddy bear is a baby. Lately when we go out, he asks if he can carry his "baby" around in a carrier like William. So, I fashion him one out of a shawl. He has certainly gotten some interesting looks from people when he has it on!

Theo, helpin' a brother out.

Dustin and Theo waiting for the train with their babies.

On a train related note, did you know that Fukuyama is the only city in Japan where you can see the castle directly from the train platform? The shinkansen platform is one level up from the regular train platform, so I am sure the view of the castle is a bit better, but seeing as we're too cheap to ride the shinkansen, this better view will have to wait.  

Here are the castle walls and smaller out buildings of the castle as seen from the train platform. It does make a nice view while waiting for your train to arrive. 

Also, a few days ago Theo and I stepped off the train on our way to an appointment with his doctor and saw an Anpanman themed train waiting on another track. Cute!

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Carol said...

Aww! Theo is such a loving soul (hopefully toward Grandma B.). It's so nice that he dotes on William so much.