Yochien Spring Concert

Last week we had the pleasure of going to yet another yochien performance. The new school year begins in April, so I believe this was an end of the year presentation.

Theo and the other first years sang and played a couple of songs on instruments. I was really surprised that Theo didn't do anything really embarrassing. I was expecting him to run off the stage, knock something over, or have loud outbursts at every quiet moment. Though this usually adds a bit of humor to an otherwise long and boring performance, the problem is, being the only foreign child in the whole kindergarten, it is impossible to pretend that he's not ours. That's not to say he didn't find the color changing background much more interesting than what his teacher was doing, but it could have been worse. One thing about kindergartens here is that the children are already massively talented at such an early age... I didn't even realize 3-5 year olds were capable of this kind of thing. Theo actually did a really good job and we are proud of the progress he is making in school. He has probably had the most difficult time adapting to his new life and I think he is overcoming these odds admirably.

This is Theo and the other first year children performing "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" by Ray Heatherton. I have always associated this song with Christmas. Nonetheless, I thought it was great that Theo performed this song since it is one I remember singing when I was in kindergarten. Keep in mind as you watch this that this is being performed by 3 and 4 year old children.


Shans said...

Wow! I'm so impressed!!

The Freys said...

Okay, what is it with NorthEast Asia and that song??? The Kindergarten in Beijing next to our house always blasted that song at full volume during recess (to be heard for several blocks around!). As soon as I heard it, it brought me back to smoggy skies and the smell of roasting meat (it was also very close to the market!).

Laura said...

Haha! Could be a worse smell association!