After what felt like ages, the new kindergarten year has finally started. Our apartment is too tiny to have Theo bouncing off its walls for 13 hours a day, every day of the week. I know that William will be grateful to finally take his nap in peace and quiet and I will be overjoyed to have a well rested baby. There are three classes for each of the three years of kindergarten and every one is named after a fruit or flower. Last year Theo was in yuri (lily) class and this year he is in sakura (cherry blossom) class. I found out yesterday that he has the same teacher for this year as last year. I am not sure if the teachers always follow a cohort through all three years of kindergarten, or if it was a lucky fluke. Anyway, his teacher is absolutely awesome and has had a lot of patience for Theo as he figures out the language and what is expected of him.

On another note, this is Life in the Land of Wa's centennial post! Hopefully we will be around and find the time to write hundreds more. In celebration, here are some funny pictures of the children:

William giving the camera his goofiest buck toothed grin
Theo practicing for his future as a villain (yes, these are the kind of things we do to the
 kids on a quiet evening)
William's mustache and beard may be a bit more patchy than Theo's but he sure has the laugh
and smile down

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