Bentenjima Fireworks

On the last Saturday in May there was a fireworks festival in Tomonoura. Dustin, the kids, and I decided to go and enjoy the festival decked out in yukata and jimbei. The fireworks were exceptional and Theo informed me half way through: "Fireworks are my favorite, but it's just because I love fire so much." It seems we have a budding pyromaniac on our hands. 

There were a few groups that performed dances before the fireworks started and a ton of street stalls selling all sorts of tasty things. 

We arrived about an hour and a half early, but soon realized that we should have arrived much earlier than that if we expected to get a place to sit. We finally found a spot to sit on the road that had a good view and didn't seem to be in anyone's way. At least we know for next year to arrive super early and have someone scout out some sitting spots right away. Oh, and some folding chairs, or even a tarp would have been nice. 

Regardless of where we were sitting, the boys were pleased as punch about seeing the first fireworks of the season. 

The sun finally went down and the fireworks began to rocket into the sky.

William enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so, but as he got sleepy and kept on being jarred awake by the sound of exploding fireworks, he became progressively crankier.

Theo kept up a running commentary during the whole display, saying things like: "look at all that fire!", "It's so sparkly!", and "look at the giant fire flowers!". He might have been annoying to those around us if they could have only understood his incessant chattering.

 Seeing as we will be missing a few fireworks festivals while we are visiting Canada in July and August, I am really glad that we were able to make it out to Tomonoura and see these.

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