At The Barber Shop

Sitting through a Mama cut
A few weeks ago Theo announced that he wanted to get his hair cut at a barber shop. I have always cut his hair and done a questionably passable job. It has only been in the last year that I have managed to keep him still enough to cut his hair with any precision and he is still a little squirmy around a buzzer.

Since he was so determined and excited to have it cut in a shop, I decided to cave, at least this once. So, on Friday evening we took him over to a little salon down the street. I was wondering if the barber would give up, but it turns out that Theo was perfectly content and cooperative throughout the ordeal. It also took him about half the time it take me to cut his hair. I think I should get some tips from this guy!

For the record, Theo didn't remove this goofy smirk from his face the whole time.

Dustin and I got a kick out of this guy's too cool thigh holster for scissors and combs. Dustin calls it his Doc Holliday holster; professional gambler, gunfighter, and hairdresser. It is good to know that Theo can sit through someone else cutting his hair without embarrassing us too terribly.

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The Freys said...

Is it generally the case that men do the hairdressing? In China, I found that if I went for a haircut, it was always 20s-ish males, and they completely ignored what I wanted and did what they thought would do my hair the most justice. And they all looked pretty much exactly like your Doc Holliday there!