Halloween 2012

November has come and gone and I still have not posted our Halloween photos. I swear I have a valid reason for slacking off in my postings, but that will have to wait for another day. So without further ado, here is how we celebrated Halloween this year:

Arguably, Halloween is purely a marketing ploy no matter what country you live in, but in Japan it seems to be all consumerism and no activities to attempt to balance it out. Candy and snack companies wholeheartedly endorse Halloween in Japan.  All sorts of orange and black, spooky themed decorations and food wrappers can be found during the month of October, but actual festivities, like carving jack-o-lanterns, children dressing up, or trick or treating, have yet to be adopted. There is a month of chintzy consumer items available but the 31st goes by quiet and unremarked year after year. Except by us.

In mid-October while picking apples at a local farm, I spied some huge carving pumpkins. They were scattered around the orchard marking the rows. When it came time to pay for our apples, I enquired about how much it would cost to buy a pumpkin too. They were pretty amused that I would want one of the massive pumpkins and let me pick one out for free. Dustin and I  absolutely love carving jack-o-lanterns and of course had a lot of fun with this one.

True to tradition, Theo's costume was homemade and consisted of a painted box. This year however, he was a robot instead of a Rubik's cube. When the time came to trick or treat, William outright refused to wear the doomsday prophet signs that I made for him, so he ended up dressed as a young James Herriot.

Theo dressing in his robot costume
I am pretty sure that William wouldn't have pulled it off as well as this guy
This year we also had the addition of two little friends. Recently, we met a Japanese family that returned to Fukuyama from living in the U.S. for two years. There children were really bummed when they found out they would not be trick or treating this year, so we invited them along to our rounds of the few foreigners in our neighbourhood.

All in all, we visited 5 of our neighbours and the children soon had a brimming bag of treats. Everyone had a fun evening and once again Halloween was a success!


Shanon said...

Hey Laura! That's a fantastic robot costume you've got going on for Theo. :) Glad Halloween went over so well this year!

audible said...

I'm hoping if we stay long enough trick-or-treating will catch on in our town. Every year our group of costumed kids grows larger.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, I don't think trick or treating will ever really catch on in our neighbourhood since there are so few children, but I think our the kids are becoming a regular sight stampeding around in their costumes every Halloween. I hope that we can pick up a few more too before we leave!