Adventures in Oita Part II

This post will be primarily photos since our trip to Oita was less about packing in activities, but more about relaxing, catching up with family, exploring the countryside, visiting friends, and eating delicious food. Not too many things to write in detail about, but lots to see.

William and I exploring
Beautiful countryside
tasty shiitake!

Theo, Dustin, and his father went on a hike of the nearby mountain trail

and saw a bit of wildlife in the form of this colourful millipede

and evidence of boars from the traps

We also strolled around Usa Shrine for a bit

We left the day before Easter, so we decided to have a little egg hunt before heading off

It took William a little while to realize that there was candy and chocolate hiding in the bushes for him, but when it comes to food, especially treats, he is a pretty fast learner.

Just having discovered his chocolate bunny
At the train station, heading back to Hiroshima

Goodbye Oita, we hope to see you again!


Anonymous said...

are those cherry blossoms i saw? i would love! to see Japan when the cherry blossoms are in season. must be stunning. these photos are beautiful too. so nice to get out of town sometimes and do some hiking in 'the nature', as people say around here. :-)

ina mom reimer said...

well i now have picked up on he nasty pane virious that dad must have found coming down, so as i slowly recover i was spending time on your blog and on JOSH and JOSYLNNS BLOG. Interesting to note some of the same thing in your homes that have taken place in the last while. You may want to check it out. Her take on being away during her grampas funneral, and then there are the pictures of the boys under the masked faces, any how i wus determined to leave you comments so you do know that we are reading, keep up the good words!

Laura said...

Jocelyn, the cherry blossoms were really early this year and Larry and Ina were able to be here the whole time they were in bloom. I was really happy for the good timing of their trip. There will be many more pictures of them in some future posts I am sure!

Laura said...

Thanks for the comment mom! You are really figuring out how our blog works ;) Hope you feel better soon and make sure to take it easy on yourself while you recuperate!

Unknown said...

Hope you will be able to make it back again soon. Just took my brother and family to Fukuoka today... a sad day for all!