Every week I encounter a number of bizarre things that catch my eye and make me chuckle. Usually I don't have my camera on me, one of the many reasons why I will never be a professional blogger, so I just snap a quick shot with my phone. This usually draws the curious stares of other shoppers as I whip out my phone and start snapping shots from different angles. Oh, well!

Here are a few gems that I snapped in the past while:

FaFa laundry detergent, which I am pretty sure is the same as the Snuggle brand we have back home (unless it is just a massive rip off), has a comical line of international scents. I have always thought the Snuggle bear was super cute and being dressed up makes him just that much cuter.

Finnish gnome Snuggle frolicking with bunnies amongst the mushrooms
Arabian Snuggle sandboarding
and Russian Snuggle with these cute little matryoshka dolls

Cephalopods. Maybe not the best word choice if you are going for tasty or descriptive.

I am pretty understanding of most English typos but this one was a bit excessive:

and though this English was written perfectly, number 43 seemed just a tad bit forceful for a family restaurant:

We just couldn't resist trying out these oddly named snacks:

This sign is announcing a butter shortage. This happens all the time and even though it is slightly annoying, the concept of a butter shortage always makes me smile. 

Here is a selection of on the go snacks available at your average convenience store. The boiled wrapped corn cobs always make me chuckle.

This cafe near the library has a vaguely threatening, mafia-esque name:

Here is one of the outdoor public restrooms at the Fukuyama library green space. I would feel just a tad exposed using that urinal, especially at one of the many public events that draws hundreds of people to the green.

Baby spats? Are you trying to dress your child as a Dickensian character or Scrooge McDuck? On a side note, did you know that spats is a contraction of the word spatterdashes? 

and lastly, this ridiculous car:


Anonymous said...

I love cephalopods on rice, but they do a number on me. And I love clam dip, but once again it does a number on me.
You have such diverse topics. It is always so interesting to check in on your life! xxxx Auntie Hue

Laura said...

I am usually pretty picky about canned oysters and clams. If I hit one with a gritty, dark, mooshy/sandy center I can't continue eating them. There are always a few like that in every can so it's like Russian roulette!

Anonymous said...

How were the Crunky Ball snacks?! (how unlike me to ask you to elaborate on details lol) -Britt

Laura said...

They weren't bad...but I have never bought them again so maybe that says something too. Kind of a crunchy, mildly chocolatey, puffed rice ball. I think the original Crunky Balls are chocolate coated on the outside, but since these were "nude" it was just the crunchy center.