Hard Knocks

You may have noticed in the picture of William in my last post that he had a puffy, discoloured forehead. A few weeks ago, William had a run in with a wall. The only witness to this accident was Theo, and he told us later that William was running, his feet slipped out from under him, and he went face first into a wall. William was pretty upset but I was happy to see that none of his teeth were missing, his nose wasn't broken, and that he was otherwise mostly okay. He did however, manage to get the biggest goose egg on his face that anyone has ever seen. 

He screamed bloody murder if I put ice on it so by the next day there was probably a bit more fluid build up in his forehead than there could have been. I think he looked distinctly like a Na'vi, those aliens from Avatar, minus the teal skin and tail. 

It didn't slow William down for very long though and not even two weeks later, there was barely the hint of a bruise on his forehead. 

While we are on the subject of heads, Theo was very proud to lose a second baby tooth this week. Thankfully this one came out naturally and not because he ran into a wall.


Carol said...

Oh, the traditional tooth fairy envelope! When you kids did it, I think you thought the real tooth fairy would be able to extract the tooth and insert money without opening the sealed envelope. Oh, the many times I carefully steamed open envelopes and re-glued them!

Laura said...

Theo seems to be under that impression too. Our envelopes don't actually have any glue on the back so I gave Theo a sheet of stickers so he could use one to close it up. When I returned to the room, he had put about 15 all along the seal. When I asked how the tooth fairy was going to get through all those stickers he replied: "She'll use magic of course!", like I was completely daft.