Halloween 2013

Wow! I can't believe this is already our third Halloween in Japan and that Rosie is about the same age that William was when we first arrived. How things change and time flies!

As I wrote about last year, Halloween is definitely not celebrated the same way in Japan as it is in North America, but we do have a few friends close by that help us make it special for our kids. Tonight we went off trick or treating with a few of our friends and their children. I actually like that we only have four stops that we can make. This means way less candy to ration out to the kids, way less temptation for me to "help" them eat their candy, and we are finished a back home in time for their 8 o'clock bed time.  Since the kids have never experienced the kind of large scale trick or treating that goes on back home, there is absolutely no disappointment.

I decided to take a few spooky shots with Rosie and William before the jack o'lantern became old and mushy. Poor Theo was at yochien, so he didn't get to join in on the photographic fun until he came home.

Rosie's costume was something I whipped up in 30 minutes with some pieces of felt, a bit of stuffing, and a hand towel.

In case you are confused about what she is supposed to be, she is baby maguro nigiri. Yummy!

The boys' costumes were much more traditional Halloween material: Batman™ and Superman™

and I was the Black Rabbit of Inle.

Off to get some candy!

At one point, I thought an old man was about to crash his bike because of the long, over the shoulder double take he was doing of Theo's costume. I can only imagine what he was thinking of this tiny little Batman, roaming the dark streets of Fukuyama.

Then back home to dump out the candy buckets and survey the stash.

Fun times and candy were had by all!


audible said...

My child is long past the red wagon stage, but I must know what sort of wheeled contraption you're pulling the kids around in.

Laura said...

It's awesome! We bought last spring at the new Costco that opened up in Hiroshima City. It is a collapsable canvas wagon. Since we don't have a car, and Rosie is too small for the bike seat, I often use it for hauling the kids around and doing grocery store runs. We also take it when we are going out to festivals and such because the kids can hop in if they are tired and it is a good place to stash bags, food, etc. It also folds up pretty tiny so you can take it on the train too :) Best 5,000 yen I have spent in a really long time.

Kevin said...

Nice picture.. Beautiful kids you have. The baby in the pumpkin is so cute..