More Manholes

Since I can't exactly collect all the beautiful and decorative manholes I see, I have decided to take photos of each new one I come across. You check out those photos here and here.  Recently I took a trip to Kyoto and was expecting to see another, whole new set of beautifully decorative manholes. I was pretty disappointed when they were all pretty plain!

I did manage to find some new ones in the past few months a little closer to home:

A manhole in Okayama Prefecture showing Momotaro and friends.
Momotaro showing off his firefighting skills
A manhole from Kasaoka City which prides itself in its horseshoe crabs.
a chibi horseshoe crab
Horseshoe crabs, hard at work keeping Kasaoka fire free.
From Yoshiumi Town in Ehime Prefecture

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Anonymous said...

These are absolutely wonderful. I am going to pingback your links on my most recent post about manholes. So glad you posted about this on KA. :-)