Another Year Older

The changing of the year is always a super busy time around our house. Christmas, Dustin's birthday, New Year's, and Theo's birthday all fall back to back and make for a joyful and hectic time.

On December 30th, Dustin turned 35. In recent years he has become a little bit more balanced and accepting of his age and this year I didn't hear even a hint of, "I'm getting soooo old! What have I even done with my life?!?" It was a nice change.

Opening his birthday present from the kids and I: a board/card game called "Dixit".
We went out for supper at our favourite ramen shop, Ippudo Ramen.
Rosie just knows how to add a little flair to any picture.

After one of the kid's birthdays last year, Dustin jokingly bugged me that I always make fun decorated character cakes for the kids but never for his birthday. I think his exact words were, "How come I never get a Star Wars cake?" So this year I made him a cake of Admiral Ackbar, his favourite Star Wars character. There was some blatant geekery at our house and I was a total enabler.  

"It's a traaaap!" 

Theo and Ojiisan's birthday last year.
Three days later Theo turned seven. I was amazed at how little he looks in photos from his birthday last year and how fast the year has gone by. 

2014 was a big year for Theo, especially starting elementary school. It's been a lot of learning for both him and us but we've come a long way. I'm really excited to see how 2015 shapes up! 

Theo on his first day of elementary school in April

I always feel vaguely guilty about how low key Theo's birthdays are. Because it is so close so many other special days we are all a little burnt out on January 2nd, so the day usually ends up being spent at home, playing with toys, eating a special meal, and having some cake. This year was no exception.

The boys and I made some pizza dough in the morning and "decorated" our own pizzas for lunch.

I spent the afternoon decorating a cake and being reminded again how annoying it is to work in an insanely tiny kitchen with makeshift cake decorating tools. None the less, I think my monster cake turned out pretty fun and Theo was more than pleased. 

Happy birthday to two of my wonderful boys. I am so proud of all the ways you have grown over the past year. I love you both more that words can say! 

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Carol said...

I love how your kids each have their own look. Rosie, as I always say, is a little Laura, and that open-mouthed look of hysterical enthusiasm is just what you used to do! Dustin is 35! Just entering his prime of mature manhood. Love you all, Mom