The Great Purge

One of the things on my mental to do list is to go through everything in our house and basement and decide which category it fits into:

1. Give to select family members
2. Give to a thrift store
3. Sell online/at a future garage sale
4. Take to Japan with us
5. Store until our return

We are attempting to take only what is absolutely necessary to Japan with us. This is much easier said than done when you are packing for two children as well. The good news is that we can find everything we are leaving behind when we get to Japan, but we really don't want to have to shell out for toys and clothes that we already have. Thank goodness their clothes are smaller than ours and Theo prefers playing outside with sticks and rocks more than chunks of plastic. We also want to store as little as possible, probably just my wedding dress and a box of keepsakes.

So, does anyone want our stuff? If there has ever been anything of ours that you wanted or something that you needed lately, maybe we have it and most certainly are wanting to get rid of it. We will be having a massive garage sale in Landmark at some point in July, but if you want first dibs on anything, just ask!

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Ring of Fire said...

We're going through the same process right now. My wife has difficulty parting with some of her stuff, so I imagine we'll have more than one round of sorting. We're taking a road trip before Japan, so we're only keeping what will fit in the backseat and trunk of our small car, which feels like almost nothing.