Japanese Class

Your knowledge of the Japanese language must not factor in too heavily when applying for JET, since Dustin and I know only a small handful of words. However, we both love learning languages and are going to take this opportunity to learn as much as we can. We decided that it would be a good idea to get started off before we go and take a introductory course in Japanese. Luckily, there is one offered during summer session at the U of M. Our first class was yesterday evening and I was very curious to see who would be taking this class with us. There are only two other people, a girl who is actually hoping to apply for the JET Programme this November, and a guy who will be traveling in Japan for a few months this autumn. The instructor seems really capable and the cozy class size should allow us to move along pretty quickly. We are using Japanese for Busy People as our text, which is nice since I have it on Kindle already.

At the very least I hope that this class will make me comfortable enough with the language that I won't feel utterly overwhelmed and intimidated by the language barrier when we move. I really envy how the kids will just absorb Japanese without even trying!

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Blue Shoe said...

Good luck to you! It really is a fascinating language, though it can be easy to be intimidated early on.