Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you great dads out there!

My dad with me, my older sister, and brother
To my dad who gave me my love of animals and science, who taught me how to be an organized and goal oriented person, who gave me a sense of frugality and a love of cleanliness, and who has fed me just about every mammal on the North American continent: Thank you!

Dustin: somehow still alive after all these years

To my father-in-law who puts up with my opinionated conversations and wild schemes, who has really taught me the meaning of generosity, and who raised some really great kids: Thank you!

Most importantly to Dustin who is the best papa two little boys could ask for. Thanks for all the sleepless nights taking care of sick kids, the bedtime stories, and for always giving in to puppy eyes and a "pleeeease". We love you!

Dustin surrounded by his brood
Always proud to tote around the baby

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