A Place to Call Home

After about a month of expectant waiting we finally found out where we will be living in Japan! You would think that I had the whole waiting thing down after 9 months of pregnancy, but I had been getting more and more impatient by the day. This morning we received the email that we will be in Fukuyama City in Hiroshima Prefecture.

It is a smallish city, just under 500,000 people, and seemingly obsessed with roses. Their motto is: "Unique Rose City Fukuyama, the core city of exchanging activities of shining Seto Inland". I have no idea where they were going with that, but I am sure that it makes a bit more sense in Japanese. This was not actually one of our three placement preferences, but Fukuyama borders our third choice of Okayama Prefecture, so we are very excited. We also requested a rural placement, and were sure we would be indulged, but at least the city is not too large. We may actually be on the outskirts, who knows?

I am sure that Dustin and I will be poring over the internet trying to find every photo and website on Fukuyama and Hiroshima for the next few weeks. I think that Theo has even gotten a whiff of the excitement because he is in his room at the moment, playing with toys and exclaiming "Fukuyama!" every minute or so. I am so glad that our wait is finally over. Knowing where we will be going just seems to make everything that much more real and will hopefully fuel us during the next weeks of feverish packing, selling, and moving.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you guys finally got placed! A little bummed that you aren't going to be near Miyazaki, but I think when they placed you they were taking into consideration your two children first and foremost and making sure that the facilities they would need were present. There are only so many placements for families I guess.

When we were placed, we didn't get any of our top choices...and much like you were placed in the prefecture beside our 3rd choice. Still, it ended up being the best place for us, and we really lucked out I think.

I've only been to Hiroshima city, but Iove it there. It's the kind of place that has a soul...sort of like Montreal. While you are likely in a city that is bigger than you hoped, it looks like you wouldn't have to go too far to get in some good nature hikes and such. Also, Shikokku is right across the way and is pretty remote in some parts.

Hope all is well with your planning. Stay in touch and let us know if you need anything.

ps. Here is my email: mejduprey@yahoo.com

Laura said...

Thanks Martine! We were really hoping that we would be in Miyazaki, or Kyushu at least, but I am really excited none the less. I am sure that it will be much easier for me to bring the kids to doctors appointments, shopping, etc. if we are in a city. I am sure that we will be able to find all the little camping and hiking spots that we desire. On another hand, I am also very happy that we are fairly close to Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, as it will be easier to go visit.

I am sure we will be shooting a few questions your way in the next month or two. You are due next week-ish, are you not? I hope that everything goes really well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura! I was actually due yesterday, I showed my mom my belly on Skype and she said promptly "You haven't even dropped yet! You've got at least another week!" Thanks mom ;)

Yeah, I wished you were out here too...just cause the more Canadians around (especially Manitobans) the merrier it is :)

I think you are right about living in a more metropolitan area when it comes to the ease of finding resources for your kids. It would be much harder in a rural location.

Ask any questions you like and keep us posted on your progress. I'll make a post about my birth experience when I have time, but if you don't see me online for a bit, you know why ;)


Laura said...

It is so hard waiting, especially when your due date has come and gone. You start analyzing every little twitch or discomfort in your body and wondering if it could be the first signs of labour. I got more listless and cranky until finally I was induced.

I know a woman who is almost due with her third and none of her babies ever dropped until she actually went into labour. So it may not mean much if you haven't dropped yet. It could be any hour now, who knows? Just try to get lots of sleep :)

Ring of Fire said...

Congrats on your placement! I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful time. Now to wait for our predecessors to contact us!