House of the Rising Sun

The sun has been rising earlier and setting later by the day. The long days have been really bothering my sleep lately. At the best of times I have always been very sensitive to light when trying to sleep, but now every time I wake up with the baby and see daylight I find it difficult to go back to sleep.

Theo has been very confused, waking up super early and trying to avoid going to sleep at night on the grounds of "but the sun hasn't even gone to sleep yet!". This morning he woke up at the break of dawn, burst into our room, and energetically bounded over to wake up William. Luckily, Dustin was able to grab him and steer him out of the room before the baby was actually bothered. This was at 4:45 am. I know this evening he will be in his room, refusing to fall asleep well past 10:30 because there is still sunlight streaming through the windows. You would think that the thick, dark curtains we have on the bedroom windows would help, but it seems that Theo has inherited my inability to sleep well unless he is in a cave.

It will only get worse for the next week and a bit, so we will all be bleary eyed, sleep deprived zombies for a while.

Enjoying a cuddle with Grandma
On another note, my mom is returning to Vermont tomorrow after 6 wonderful weeks of having her here. I am really going to miss having adult conversations during the day and all of her help with the children.

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