Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Part 2

 The first two days that Theo spent in the hospital were extremely busy for us. We were throwing a going away party that week, and though we were tempted to cancel it, we realized that might be more work than just going through with our original plans. All of the food had been bought and not many people knew that Theo was in the hospital, so it would have been a whole day of nearly identical phone conversations to call the whole thing off. The party ended up being extremely successful and fun: the decorations were fantastic thanks to my mother-in-laws magic, the food was good, and I think everyone had a great time.

Meanwhile, at the Children's Hospital, Theo was still not recuperating. His temperature was spiking every 4 hours and he was not eating, drinking, and had very little energy. On Friday morning he had an ultrasound of his kidney which revealed that it was actually infected. The antibiotics didn't seem to be doing a thing, since his fevers kept coming back. Finally the doctors decided wait until Sunday evening to see if the antibiotics would begin to work, and if not they would put a tube in through his back, into his kidney which would have to remain there for months to allow the buildup of fluid and pus to drain. After a few months they would remove the tube and there was also some talk of removing the upper portion of his kidney at that time. Obviously, we were really hoping that the antibiotics would kick in soon.

Finally feeling good enough to enjoy the toys
The weekend wore on and Sunday evening drew closer with Theo not doing any better. Finally, when I had resigned myself for the worst, his fever didn't return. The antibiotics finally started doing their job and Theo started perking up more and more. Over the past few days he has started eating more and actually wanting to run and play.

The last we heard, he can come home this evening! After almost two weeks in the hospital, and Dustin's departure date looming closer, we are really relieved that we will be able to go home soon. It has been hard balancing work, Theo, and all of the extra stress of packing and moving but I am sure that Theo will be the happiest one of all when it's over.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers while he has been in the hospital. In the end, everything worked out so much better than we expected!

Playing with William

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