Sparkle Phone

Yesterday evening I finally got a cell phone. I have had one off and on in the past few years but I found that I never used the cell phone when I had it, and I didn't really like people being able to reach me at all times. I much preferred people calling my home phone, leaving a message, and leaving it up to me when, or if, I would call them back.

My loathing of cell phones increased when I worked for a year as an apartment manager and had to have a work cell on me at all times. The phone was constantly ringing day and night and when my stint there was finally over,  I felt absolutely freed to not have a cell phone any longer

I really haven't noticed or cared that I have had no way of getting a hold of people in the two weeks I have been here, but since we don't plan on getting a landline, and the cell phone plans are freakishly cheap compared with Canada, I decided to go ahead and get one. The one I picked is ridiculously cute, as most things in Japan are, but at least has a user's manual in English.

Theo seems to really like it and calls it my "sparkle phone". He has spent most of the morning pretending to order us pizza with a variety of bizarre toppings like strawberries and squid.

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Unknown said...

all of which are valid pizza toppings in Japan.