Up a Hidden Hill

Last week there was a day that was relatively cool, or at least below 30° C, so Karlee and I decided to go explore the larger of our neighbourhood's shrines.

There are a few small ones scattered about randomly on the sides of the roads, but this one was quite a bit bigger and more elaborate.

The tiny little shrine at the end of our street
We found it tucked away at the top of a hill covered in trees and completely invisible from the road. There are a steep set of stone steps that disappear into the trees and take you to the top of the hill.

Halfway up, Theo discovered a little path leading through the bamboos that he insisted we walk down.

Twenty mosquito bites later, we emerged from the trees at a small graveyard on the hillside.

After checking out the graveyard, we continued to the top of the steps and found the torii gate at the entrance of the shrine.

There was another set of steps beyond this with a rope stretched between pillars to symbolize a separation between the physical and spiritual world.

There were two protective lion statues placed on either side at the top of the final staircase.

The temizu basin, for purifying your hands, looked like it could use a good bit of purifying itself.

Finally, at the summit was the shrine. 

We were the only ones there for the hour that we spent looking around. This is one of the few areas that I have found grass growing, and it looked as though there were picnicking spots near the torii. I was glad to have found such a quiet and peaceful spot just minutes from our place. 

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