Autumn Matsuri

We have already had a month of autumn and yet today was the first day that it was cool and crisp. The days are fairly warm for the most part and I only noticed a few leaves here and there changing colour. Maybe by the end of November it will feel like fall has come. Meanwhile, all of the neighbourhoods have long since had their autumn matsuri, or festivals. Dustin was able to participate in one matsuri for a neighbourhood to the south of us; helping to carry their mikoshi. This was actually quite an event, since foreigners are very rarely invited to be involved in traditional events like this.

When it was our neighbourhood's turn to have their autumn festival, we heard the procession drumming its way down the street for 15 minutes before it passed our apartment. We went outside to watch everyone pass and were surprised when an Oni, or Japanese demon/ogre creature, came up the stairs to take a picture with Theo and give him a handful of roasted bean snacks. We adults were given little cups of sake.

I just love the amount of festivals that are put on throughout the year all around us. I am sure that it does much to build the community spirit and culture. 

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