Manhole Covers

One of the first things that we noticed here was the beautiful, creative, and varied manhole covers. Our city has a few different ones that I have come across, and every new place we go I notice at least another one. I love the attention to detail that is placed on even functional everyday things like the sewer system. Here are a few we have seen:

This manhole cover can be found in downtown Fukuyama and features the two symbols of the city, the rose and bat.

and in color...

This cover is bright and polka dotted with the beloved bat symbol in the center.

This cover is another common sight downtown

This cover doesn't use the typical rose symbol shown above, but a more art nouveau version. 

This is my personal favorite cover with the cute firefighter spraying water from a hose. It is the most common cover in our neighborhood.

We found this pretty festival themed cover in Onomichi during the lantern festival.

This cover features multicolor paper cranes and was found during our trip to Hiroshima City.


Carol said...

I want to do rubbings! How pretty they are.

Laura said...

Haha! I get enough weird looks taking pictures of them. I would love to see people's reaction to you kneeling in the middle of the sidewalk making rubbings!

Unknown said...

The photos are Japan manhole covers.Last year,I went to japan. Their manhole covers from this country are really different from other countries.You can see a lot of different styles in the street for the manhole covers. Really wonderful!