Ego Garden

In December, I modeled some outfits for an Italian clothing store in Fukuyama called Ego Garden. I have never done anything like this before, so it was a really fun new experience but a bit bizarre how it all came about.

While shopping in our neighbourhood grocery store a couple of months ago, I was approached by a stranger and asked if I would be interested in modeling in a fashion show. I was a bit leery, since his English was not fantastic and I could not get really clear details about the fashion show and exactly what kind of clothes I was to be modeling. He seemed like a nice man, but the whole encounter felt a bit strange to me and I didn't want to unknowingly agree to "adult" modeling or being sacrificed to some strange god in a seedy warehouse. A few days later he emailed some info about the event and had an English speaking friend of his call me and give me some more details. Surprisingly enough, it was actually a legit fashion show without any strange catch.

A few weeks later, I went to the clothing store to have outfits chosen with the three other people who were to be modeling clothes in the show. I don't think that I actually would ever wear the clothes that were chosen for me, especially the black, sacklike dress with the bizarre fuzzy shawl and gloves, but I was ready to sneak out the back door with the brown mohair coat that I wore in my second outfit. The show went well and I was able to make a nice bit of cash considering that I only "worked" for an hour and a half.

I finally managed to get my hands on a few photos this weekend and there is also a video which I am in for about 2 seconds, so enjoy!

Being shown around the venue before the show

Having my makeup and hair done

Group photo before the show

This was just about the most unflattering and uncomfortable dress that I have ever worn. It had a loose, sacklike top that narrowed below the hips. The sleeves were narrow until the elbow and then ballooned out. The neckline was really strange as well, but at least it was covered up by the fuzzy shawl.  

I had about 1 minute to throw off the first outfit and pull on this second one. This dress was actually much better than the last, and I absolutely loved the coat. Too bad it cost over 4,000$ Canadian!

I was pretty sure that this would be the one and only time that I would do something like this, but a few days ago I was asked if I would like to be in a tourism video that Fukuyama City is making. It will be shot in Tomo-no-Ura this weekend and I have no idea what my role will be exactly. Who knows how many random things I can manage to appear in while living in Japan! 


Unknown said...

I love your hair! You remind me of a modern Betty Draper!

Carol said...

You are absolutely gorgeous! Actually, I love the black outfit and it looks fabulous on you (dahling), despite some slight Yasser Arafat thoughts that flit through my mind. How tall is the Japanese woman next to you? Is she standing on a box or is she 6 feet tall? If I had a good piece of mohair fabric, I'd make you that coat.

Carol said...

Or,(shudder)is that a man?

Laura said...

Haha! Marn, that is a man. I am wearing 3 inch heels so he is probably about 6'3 or 6'4. He actually doesn't look so femmy when his hair isn't blown back and when he isn't wearing red leather gloves.

The Freys said...

Haha! I love how randomly this happened! That first outfit certainly sounds a little bizarre and I sort of agree with Marn's Yasser Arafat summation... but YOU look fabulous, and it looks like you pulled of the show quite well. Maybe that trip to the grocery store was the humble beginnings of your future super model career.


Laura said...

Thanks Jess! Yes, I do have a bit of a Yasser Arafat vibe. The man who approached me in the store is also a hairdresser, so even if I don't do any more modeling, at least I found someone to cut my hair who speaks a bit of English :)