Universal Soft Expert

USE: Universal Soft Expert
We have a friend in Canada who disagrees with the concept of "soft". He believes that everything is merely a different degree of hardness. I don't exactly agree with him and in case I ever want to back up my side of the argument, I have found an expert on the subject. Dustin and I found the office of the "Universal Soft Expert" tucked in a small side street beside a factory. I am pretty sure they don't see much business due to their out of the way location and inexplicable job title.


The Freys said...

Must be the super top secret headquarters for Downy. It's got to be SOMETHING important with a title like that!

Carol said...

I bet the expert is Snuggle!

Laura said...

Haha! I can just imagine that cute little bear doing all sorts of important experiments behind that door to further softness in the world