Fukuyama Zoo

Dustin had Tuesday off for Vernal Equinox Day, which, according to Wikipedia, is a national holiday started in 1948 as a day for the admiration of nature and love of living things. We celebrated this holiday with gusto by going to the Fukuyama Zoo. Actually, we had heard from several people that our city's zoo was a bit depressing. I found hard to believe that it could be much worse than the Winnipeg Zoo since all the animals there have to withstand -40 degree temperatures every winter. If the thought of a zebra shivering in the cold and wondering whatever happened to the savanna isn't depressing, I don't know what is.

It ended up being probably the smallest zoo that I have ever been to, but none the less, we had a good time. We went with a friend of ours and met up with a couple who have two children that are around the same ages as Theo and William. Theo had an absolutely fantastic time running around with their little boy and checking out all of the animals. A great way to spend a vacation day!

A beautiful chameleon

Trying to blend in with his bear hat

Seriously, who doesn't love meerkats?

At least the penguins didn't mind the chilly weather

Taking a ride on the camel

Theo chatting with his new friend

The human exibit

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