One Year of William

One year ago, at 9:18 am on a sunny late winter's day in Manitoba, our little William was born.

Like all babies, he has done a massive amount of growing over the last year. Only a few weeks after his birth we found out that we would be moving to Japan and so the first months of his life were full of packing, moving, and change. I think that this has helped him to be a pretty flexible and laid back baby that doesn't mind new faces, new places, and a general lack of routine.

Here is quick look at the past 12 months of his life:

March 2011 - 0 months old

April 2011 - 1 month old

May 2011 - 2 months old

June 2011 - 3 months old

July 2011 - 4 months old

August 2011 - 5 months old

September 2011 - 6 months old

October 2011 - 7 months old

November 2011 - 8 months old

December 2011 - 9 months old

January 2012 - 10 months old

February 2012 - 11 months old

March 2012 - 1 year old!

As you can see, his features are finally starting to become a bit more solid and unchanging, giving us a glimpse of what he will look like when he is older. His personality is still a bit of a mystery, but one thing we do know is that he thinks his older brother is fantastic. Fortunately for us, Theo has loved his brother from the moment he arrived. He never went through a jealous, send him back where he came from stage. Here are a few moments of brotherly solidarity:

So happy to have a baby in the house

Always a willing patient in Theo's doctor games

Hanging out his big brother in the hospital

Cuddling on the big pillow

All dressed up in the girly (sorry mom!) knitted outfit my
grandma made me

Hanging on for dear life

Tonight we had celebratory dinner in celebration of one great year with William in our life.

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing that William had more fun
crushing and throwing around than eating

Theo showing William how his birthday present works

 We love you William!


James said...

Too cute! They're both amazing boys.

Carol said...

You are so blessed with those boys! I'm sure he has his moments, but William seems to be such a cheerful, contented sort of boy. Like his mom as a tot, and still is today.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post. It is so wonderful to see pictures of these sweet boys. I can't wait to see them in real life!

ina said...

thanks for your blogging all these memories for us to enjoy. We think that the 2 boys are the best thing ever! love grammy.

Amber said...

This is such a treat!