Canada Trip Part 1

It seems amazing that we were back in Canada for a whole month. Time went by so fast and before we knew it, we were packing up our bags again and heading back to Japan. Very little seemed different in Canada, I may have bowed a few times before I could catch myself and I seemed to have forgotten how the massive shopping carts are, but otherwise it felt like we had never left. I guess being away for only a year is not enough time to find it foreign.

For the most part, we spent all of our time visiting family and friends. Virtually all of Dustin's family lives in southern Manitoba and most of my family was up visiting while we there. My sister also had a baby the week before we came, so I was able to meet my new little niece.

Here are a few glimpses into our vacation:

Theo discovered that climbing trees is super fun. More often than not you would find him up in the branches of the many trees on my in-law's yard.

William was a bit spoiled by all of the undivided attention showered on him by his aunts, uncles and grandparents. Here he is playing soccer with Auntie Karlee and Uncle Cody.

If Theo wasn't outside climbing trees and making mischief, he was drawing, painting, and making crafts.

Dustin's dad loves watermelon so there was always one of these monstrous melons on hand. Compared with the tiny watermelons available in Japan, these were almost overwhelmingly large. William certainly didn't mind that there was always extra to go around.

Maybe we are a little fire obsessed, but one of the biggest highlights of the trip was sitting outside around a fire almost every night and watching the bright stars of the country. There was also a large meteor shower while we were there, so we saw more shooting stars than I have in years. Let's hope all those wishes come true!

We are all the most comfortable in the great outdoors and William especially fit into his role as Mother Nature's child.

Theo rediscovered a puppet that we accidentally forgot in Canada last year. He named it "Sweetheart" and it didn't leave his arm for over a week. I don't know how he could stand having a hot, sweaty arm and hand in the summer heat, but considering that he even slept with Sweetheart on, it must not have bothered him too much.  

William was so young when we left last summer, that this was the first time he has been really able to get acquainted with his family and for them to see the little personality that he is developing. He didn't mind all the love and attention one bit.

Kisses from grandma

Hugs from grandpa

The boys also had a great time visiting their cousins. Here William is playing with Ari and Jude who are all decked out in the jimbei that I brought back for them.

Theo loves babies and couldn't get enough of holding and cuddling his new baby cousin Josephine.

Dustin's brother has a huge and friendly dog that Theo took a shining to. He spent a lot of time copying her every move and discovering what it meant to be a dog.

At one point, Dustin took Theo for a walk in a cow pasture and inevitably Theo took a dive into some cow patties. Here he is before we thoroughly scrubbed him down.

William inspecting the cows.

We were also able to go on a few hikes. Unfortunately, it had been a dry, hot year and poison ivy was growing in luscious, leafy patches beside all of the trails. Here are my dad, step-mom, the children, and I taking a hike in Riding Mountain National Park.

More pictures to come!

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Karlee said...

Correction: Theo was with his wonderful Aunts and Uncles, when he tripped over a log and landed in a cow pie. Then his oh so wonderful Aunt walked him back to the cabin and scrubbed him down. Just a slight misprint.