Canada Trip Part 2

This post is going to be a little heavy on the pictures. If that doesn't bother you, then plunge ahead.

So, we spent a month this summer visiting family in Manitoba. For those of you that aren't Canadian, or have no knowledge of Canadian geography, Manitoba is the province in the centre of Canada.

In the summer, it looks like this:

Yeah, it's flat. Really, really flat.

Theo got to practice his karate kid moves

and watch his grandpa shoot at targets with his bow. Here he is pretending to shoot an arrow

If you are wondering what that target is, it is a small rubber black bear.

We spent a few weekends at the vacation cottage that Dustin's parents own by Riding Mountain National Park. There is nothing better than eating outside and roasting your meal over an open fire.

Theo could not get enough of this dog. It is no surprise that he is now asking when we can get our own dog.

One of my favourite aspects of the nature in Manitoba are the bogs and marshes. We did not get to go on a canoe trip through the marsh, but at least we were able to go on a short hike using these great bog bridges. 

Dustin's parents, sister and brother-in-law took the boys to an amusement park geared toward young children. They had an absolute blast.

We also took the children here last summer right before we moved to Japan. Here is a picture of William in the creepy clown car from this August

and one from last August when he was 5 months old

Auntie Karlee and William on the carousel

The trip wasn't all about the kids though. Dustin and I were occasionally able to ditch them with the grandparents and get away for some much needed date time. Here we are enjoying some delicious sushi and martinis for our 7th wedding anniversary.

We found a LARP group (live action role play for those of you who have not attained our level of nerdiness) that was doing a demonstration in the park. Theo enjoyed hacking at this man with a foam sword.

Even William tried to join in on the fun with his weapon of choice, the war hammer.

Theo and his cousin had fun doing everything but eating their food

William got to know his great grandma and grandpa

Why was there a giant Adirondack chair in the park? Who knows, but it was a good place to take a photo

Thank you to everyone in Manitoba that made our vacation enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable. You are welcome at our place in Fukuyama any time!


Sophelia said...

Oh my goodness, toddler with warhammer = THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

Akazuki Japanese goods shop said...

Why Canada's picture always make me feel so jealous! It's beautiful and everything is so marvelous!

Laura said...

@ Sophelia: As I watched this man fighting off a throng of preschoolers and toddlers with weapons I realized that it would actually be a horrifying thing to be attackedon all sides by children. There is no way your ankles and calves would last for more than 30 seconds. It was a bit of a weird scene to watch!