We finally, finally have internet in our house! I have absolutely no idea why it took them over four months to do so, but I have chosen to put the past behind me and not curse our internet company every time I think about them.

About a week ago I was feeling like this about the whole situation:

but now I am feeling like this:

Yay! I swear I haven't given up on blogging, I have just been a bit overwhelmed by having to go to other people's places just to update this blog. Be prepared for more frequent posting coming from the Land of Wa!


Cheryl said...

Yay,you guys are finally connected!!


audible said...

Glad you finally got internet. We still have another month of waiting at least. For us the delay has to do with who owns the phone lines around our house and the time it takes to shovel through all the red tape.

I'm look forward to some new posts.

Laura said...

I am sure that was the case with our house too. It is an old house and we are the first renters. The owners, who are most likely very old, never have had internet so all of the holes and wires were being put in for the first time.

Karlee said...

I don't know why I never noticed these pictures, but they are hilarious. I just laughed out loud to myself about the top one. Theo is going to have so many priceless pictures of him self, I can't wait to show his future girlfriends. I'm probably going to laugh about that picture for a while.

Laura said...

Theo really is the master of the unimpressed look. I am glad it made you laugh!