Fukuyama Fashion Show 2012

This past weekend, Dustin, Theo, and I participated in an outdoor fashion show in downtown Fukuyama. There were over 25 clothing stores and designers represented and over 100 models wearing everything from kimono to dresses that looked like they were made out of loops of toilet paper. We have been attending rehearsals for this show since we came back from Canada and Dustin and I both are super glad it is finally over. It was a bit bigger and crazier than we expected it would be and in retrospect we would have turned down the offer to participate.

The show was held on the Motomachi which is a shopping street very close to Fukuyama Station. There was a red carpet down the middle of the street that served as the runway and the make-up, hair, and clothing changes were all done in an office building at the head of the Motomachi.

Dustin and Theo wore kimono and walked down the runway together. Here is Theo being dressed in his kimono.

and practicing walking with Dustin

After Theo got his hair done, he needed to pose for a serious photo.

I wore two different dresses by the same designer, both of which I found rather hideous. Here I am posing with a friend of ours who is wearing an elegant old-style kimono.

The first dress I wore was this tropical bird festooned atrocity. There were even beaded parrots on the Wonder Woman-esque bodice and along the skirt. I was really something else. 

Here is the second dress that I wore. It was deer hunting meets the prom. Compared to the bird dress, I almost enjoyed wearing it, but it certainly wasn't one that I would ever pick.

If you are interested in seeing some of the other outfits and models in the show, check out this link.

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