Birthday Boys

Over the holidays, we celebrated Dustin's 33rd birthday on December 30th and Theo's 5th birthday on January 2nd.

I just love these guys!
For Dustin's birthday, we ditched the kids with our neighbours and went out for a relaxing date night. We had intended on going to see the Hobbit, but after finding out that it would take up almost 3 hours in transit just to get to and from the only movie theatre that was showing it subtitled and not dubbed and in 2-d, we decided just to go out for supper instead and save the movie for another time. What we didn't count on is that it would be almost impossible to get a table at any nice-ish restaurant without a reservation so close to New Year's. After being turned away from 4 full restaurants we were beginning to get a bit desperate, not going to KFC or Sukiya desperate, but close.

After almost an hour of biking around, we happened on a hidden little nabe restaurant that was just what we were looking for. It was in a turn of the century traditional Japanese house with gorgeous carved furniture all inlaid with mother of pearl. There was only one other couple their for a brief time and then we had the place to ourselves. We had a very relaxing and nice time and I hope that Dustin felt loved and appreciated.

I apologize for how grainy these photos are. We took them with Dustin's phone when we realized we forgot the camera.

Meanwhile, Theo has become more and more interested in Star Wars lately and requested a lightsaber cake for his birthday. I found some pairs of lightsaber chopsticks at a novelty shop and whipped up this cake for him.

We decided to plan a little shindig for his friends and him at the mall nearby our house. In the basement of the mall they have a children's activity area in which Theo has always wanted play. Either because of lack of time, money, or the play area being closed, we had never been able to grant his wish. It worked out for the best though because this meant that it was extra special for his birthday.

First, Theo and his friends played, ran, and shouted like lunatics for an hour.

After some of their energy was burned off, everyone gathered for cake and presents. Theo was so excited about his Star Wars cake and is showing his smarmiest smile to prove it. 

He was also overjoyed about the lightsaber that he was given.

Opening presents with his friends looking on.

This is the first time that I have celebrated one of the children's birthdays outside of my home and I must say it was wonderful. It was so much less stressful and at the end I didn't have the feeling of relief that it was finally over and I survived another kid's birthday party. I also didn't have a whole house to clean up and a million dishes to wash. I am certainly going to do something like this again in the future! 

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Anonymous said...

Clever idea with the venue, and i love the lightsaber cake! My boys are also totally in to Star Wars (we watched the whole collection during the Christmas break, Judah wasnt allowed to watch #2,3 though) and both received light sabers for Christmas from each other... which promptly broke the next day. alas. So great that you have great friends to celebrate your children with!