Out With The Old

Goodbye dragon and hello snake!

I know that my sister thinks it is disgraceful, but Dustin and I don't usually do anything special for New Year's Eve. We did before we had young children, and may again when they become old enough to notice or care, but for now we usually have a quiet night and go to bed at a normal time, too tired to even stay awake until midnight.

We did celebrate a bit the next day by having friends over and cooking a delicious nabe for lunch. That's about as interesting as it gets around here on New Year's Day.

On January 3rd, we went over to our Japanese grandparent's house to eat osechi ryori, or traditional Japanese New Year's food.

The children and I enjoyed it and since every food has a lucky symbolic meaning for the new year, I ate at least a piece of everything. This website has some beautiful pictures and also gives the meaning of all the foods eaten.

After our meal we were surprised by a delicious birthday cake that Obaasan had made for Theo and Ojiisan, who turned 70 on January 4th.

William then helped Obaasan whisk up some matcha

Obaasan and Ojiisan continued to thoroughly spoil our children by giving them otoshidama. This is a gift of money that is given to children in pretty envelopes on New Year's. We are so blessed to have this wonderful couple in our lives!

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Carol said...

God really sent them your way, didn't he? Just wonderful.

Boy, the Year of the Dragon was pretty painful from my end. I had hoped for a little more respect from my Water Dragon, but maybe it was like being born and helpless all over again. The beginning of a new life.