Barrel Of Monkeys

About a month ago I experimented with making my own kimchi. It turned out really well, but I ran into a minor problem while making it. The Chinese cabbage needs to be soaked in a salt water brine for a few hours and I found that I had to pull out every mixing bowl and pot we owned to contain all of the cabbage while it soaked. Afterward, I went out and bought a large plastic pail so that next time I make kimchi I can soak all of the cabbage in one container. 

Meanwhile, the boys found where I was storing the large pail and asked if they could take a bath in it. So, what was intended for vegetable soaking has become the boys' favourite soaking pail. Individually they fit in just fine, but usually they insist on cramming themselves in together. The best part about their new found bathtub it is that it only uses a small amount of water compared with the regular tub. For a tight fisted water dictator like myself, it makes me wish that I had bought the pail months ago! 

I am pretty sure they are going to hate this picture in about 10 years
Thank goodness for completely waterproof bath rooms!


Unknown said...

Japanese bathrooms really are the best when you have kids!

Marius said...
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audible said...

Yes, I love the Japanese bathroom! I am always super paranoid when we travel and give my daughter a quick re-briefing on the rules of non-Japanese bathrooms, lest she start pouring buckets of water over the side.