William Turns Two!

Two years ago today we welcomed William into the world.

It took countless hours of love and attention, pounds of food, tears, smiles, bumps, bruises, kisses, and hugs to bring you the William we know and love today.

He is a non-stop ball of energy who love animals, trains, flowers, food, and most of all his family and friends.

Like a good little brother, he thinks that everything Theo does is brilliant. Whenever he hears his brother saying his name or sees him watching and laughing at his crazy antics, his whole face lights up. They are inseparable and Theo couldn't have wished for a more doting or attentive younger brother.

Almost every night we find William tucked into Theo's bed with him. We put them in their separate bunk beds and inevitably William waits until I leave the room to work his way up the ladder to snuggle with his brother. The funny part is that Theo is usually scrunched into a corner of the bed obviously allowing William to take the lion's share of pillow and blankets.

So what have we learned about this little human in his two years of existence? He plays hard, crashes hard, and is extremely loving. He craves attention and is never shy with strangers. He can't stand playing alone and always wants to be a part of what everyone else is doing. He can be an explosive ball of emotion, but unlike his brother he is not extremely stubborn. As long as you hold firm he will sooner than later cave and bend to your will.

He is not easily offended or angered, usually thinking that other children are playing some kind of fun game with him if he gets pushed or has his toys stolen. He is extremely giving, always thinking it is more fun to share his food and toys with someone else, even if they are his favourites. 

He is really becoming a little individual and we can't wait to get to know him better.

Ever wonder who William takes after? Well, here is a glimpse back in time to Dustin and my 2 year old selves. I suppose he looks like both of us in a way, but I think there is a shocking resemblance between William and little Dustin. 

Happy birthday to my littlest boy! We love you so much!


dstahl said...

Great post! Gave me a little tear - wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

Carol said...

What a darling boy! There is an uncanny resemblance between him and Dustin. Well, not so uncanny, considering they are father and son!

One thing I consider a great blessing is that my two sets of grandsons consider each other their best friends. That says a lot about their good parents.