Birthday Barbecue

The past month has been so full of visiting and traveling that now I have some major catching up to do on blog posts!

On March 20th, Dustin's parents arrived from Canada for a month long visit. Theo was so excited about their arrival and even took it pretty well when flight issues delayed them by a day. Every morning  when he woke up, he would rush down from his bedroom to make sure that they were still here and didn't leave during the night. This continued for a week or so until he was content that they were sticking around for a bit, or at least weren't going to leave without telling him first.

Going for a train ride with Grandma

Exploring the forest with Grandpa
A few days after they arrived, we had a low key barbecue with Obaasan and Ojiisan to celebrate William's birthday. Theo had decided earlier in the evening that he was a brachiosaurus and therefore was exclusively herbivorous. He would only eat the grilled vegetables and at one point asked for a bowl of spinach leaves which he proceeded to eat with his face in the bowl. When his overactive imagination causes him to eat copious amounts of vegetables, who am I to complain?

William had tons of fun puttering around the yard on the little bike that Obaasan and Ojiisan gave him for his birthday and compensating for his brother by making rounds eating everyone else's meat.

William absolutely loves trains. Even seeing a train pass by our house at least every hour doesn't stop him from running to the window or gate, pointing, and hopping up and down excitedly. So, I wasn't  surprised to find that he was absolutely overjoyed by the train cake the Dustin's mom and I hastily put together that afternoon.

Cake overload!
Afterward he opened some presents and birthday cards from his family back in Canada

Finally, an electronic card that doesn't scare him to tears!
The drum set William got from his friends here in Japan
Even Theo got a few little gifts sent over by his great-grandparents

A great way to kick off a month of spring break and visiting grandparents!


Carol said...

What a fun birthday! William was a scary carnivore. Don't you just love people who give children drum sets???

Laura said...

Haha, yeah. At least it is a very quiet drumset, or at least not much louder than the boys are when they play with any of their other toys :)