All Good Things

This week we said goodbye to my dad and step-mom after six fun, memorable, and sometimes hectic weeks. The next phase of their travels takes them to Beijing, China where they will be visiting my brother and his family for two weeks.

Over the years I have realized that I have a very high capacity for people invading my personal space. There are tons of quotes out there about house guests who overstay their welcome, but for the most part I have never really understood what people are complaining about. I love the company, adult conversation, and the extra hands to help out with the kids, housework, etc. It could just be that I  have been really lucky in having helpful and interesting people staying over and not annoying, nagging guests.

Whatever the case is, we have all really enjoyed having them in our home for the past month and a half. The boys were overjoyed by the extra attention, bike and wagon rides, and trips to the park. I will have to work hard to get them used to being ignored again :) We were also really happy that they got a chance to meet Rosie since we won't be making it back to Canada for at least a few years.

Thank you for all your help, love, and patience in dealing with the pandemonium of our daily lives!

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