Buckets of Rain

I have been told the rainy season in Japan begins in early June but after having been through two Junes in Fukuyama, I have yet to see proof of this. Last year there was about a week of sprinkling, intermittent showers and mild humidity and this year it was just plain hot and dry. Not exactly what I would call a rainy season, especially compared to the torrential monsoons that we experienced in Cambodia. I used to love the rainy season there, wandering around outside in the warm rain soaked to the skin, or riding my bike through the foot of murky water that flooded the streets.

Traditionally, during the rainy season children will hang up teru teru bozu, or shine shine monks, to chase away the rain and encourage the sun to shine. I think they are pretty cute, but seeing how much our garden needs rain I might just tear down any ones that I see.

Enjoying the shade and any excuse to be nearly naked
This year, we have been watering the garden every day and our grass is going dry and brown in some spots. Our house was getting to a toasty 35˚ by noon and the city was days away from issuing water restrictions. But this week, thanks to Typhoon Leepi, we are finally getting a bit of rain. Actually, quite a lot of rain which has been fantastic for everything I have been trying to grow and the cranky hot people that I have been sharing a house with. It has been a fabulous 20˚ or so and we haven't been bathed in sweat at night. So even though it has been raining almost continuously for 3 days, and doesn't show signs of stopping for the next two or three, I say bring it on!

Hot and sweaty baby

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